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So... where do I begin..?

Basically, with a lot of s---t. Yes, I developed a slight potty mouth after spending so many months trying to avoid swear words. I blame Homestuck and the amounts of stress from the school year.

Hopefully, I'll get SOME stuff done over my summer vacation (but don't count on it). It feels so strange to keep realizing that I'm a year older now even though it's been almost a week by this point. And yes, I've been extremely unactive. My apologies for that.

There are so many deviations I need to catch up on and be too lazy to ramble on and compliment a bit too strongly about. But they deserve it. If there's anything that motivates a writer here, it's definitely getting positive feedback rather then a whole bunch of favorites. Though favorites are a pleasant surprise to find. :meow:

With some luck and bothering people about ideas for stories, I'll get something done. Yeah, right.

So, what I've been occupied with is this website: Gigapause.

..And to be honest, I don't really care what your reaction to that is/was. I've been there since the first month. And I made a canon RP account that just makes me sort of sad. :noes:

I'm actually not interested in the site itself, per say, it's more of the RP chatroom that I don't really frequent anymore because we made a new, better splinter RP chatroom, Upstairs. :iconwonkplz:

Though if any of you are interested in GP, make an account, and I would be positively exuberant if you would you my referral link:…

I think that should be it.

One day I will write something good that's not short enough to only take 3 minutes to read at the most. :iconyaydaveplz:
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United States
Title-wise, after going through a whole bunch of quizzes, I'm a Sylph of Heart/Light. (It's Sylph of Space now. 0u0 )

[You should take the test: (I sodding love self-exploration and realization.)… ]

Well, heya everyone. I'm flattered that you came to actually take notice of me.

..Or not. Whatever. :dummy:

I'm not bound to really update, since I'm a lazy, massively-procrastinating baka, but I will try. ..Eventually. I'm more of a story-writer than anything else, really. I end up with a lot of good ideas, but when I go off to actually write it out, the work turns out rather atrocious, in my opinion. So please excuse me if I'm terrible. (And I am open to all and any critiques and corrections. )

....I'm a pretty wonky, random-minded weirdo. I derp out or just plain out derp a lot. And I really, absolutely enjoy a good plot and especially plot twists. Though I really prefer reading short, enjoyable drabbles and one-shots and such these days. But I pretty much enjoy reading period. (As long as it's fiction, largely. D: )

Just do not show me a Mary Sue EVER. Please. :noes:

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